Business Videos - 5 Strategies for Sharing

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Business Videos – 5 Strategies for Sharing to Grow Your Exposure

We know that professional business videos are a beneficial investment. Not as commonly known are the strategies behind sharing business videos to grow your exposure.

In this video, we give you five strategies that are quick, easy to implement, and they won’t take a lot of your time or stress.

Tip 1

Create internal links from other relevant pages of your website to the video page. It is often an overlooked strategy. If your video is about a product or service and you have other pages about that product or service, create internal links that people can click. Make it easy for them to go to the page of your new video. It will increase your views.

Strategies for Sharing Business VideosTip 2

If your company has an intranet for employees, it’s a great location to share your business videos because you want your staff to be informed. Keep them up to date, so you’re always working to improve internal communications. There’s nothing worse than having someone call your office and mention content from a video that your staff hasn’t seen.

Tip 3

Having a business presence on YouTube is worthwhile. And here’s why. Keep in mind that Google owns YouTube, so a business with a YouTube channel tends to rank higher in search results than one with no presence on YouTube. With more than one billion unique users searching for videos each month, they should be searching and finding yours. If you see that your business videos aren’t getting many views, keep in mind that it is helping your overall search results. And depending on the nature of your business, you may naturally appeal to a smaller, targeted group.

Tip 4

When it comes to sharing video content on social media, try sharing a tease of the video with a link that leads people to view the entire video on your website. That’s where you want people to be where they can learn about your business and watch other videos about your products and services. Or donate to your charitable cause. Remember, the link should be to the actual video page.

Tip 5

Don’t be shy when it comes to sharing your business videos in your E-newsletters and email.

Take an image from the video and include a link to your website where supporters can watch the video. Those links according to eMarketer can increase click-through rates by 55%. Think about that. If you are a nonprofit organization looking for volunteers or contributions, don’t you want them on your website?

Try implementing these strategies with each of your business videos. And, if you’d like information on how we can help you with your business videos, we are happy to help.