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Video Demo Reel for Ambit Vision Video Productions

Our video demo reel is a mixture of production clip highlights from client projects. At a glance, you’ll see the variety of businesses and industries for which we provide video production services. We partner with companies large and small, and progressive nonprofits with great causes.

As a full-service creative video production agency, we believe that crafting video should be fun and stress-free for you. That’s why we will meet with you in advance to learn about your company. We want to understand your customers fully and dive into the ultimate goal of your video project. It’s common for clients to have many questions, so we are happy to take the time to explain our process.

You’ll notice that in our video demo reel, we included a combination of video and images. That’s because many small businesses reduce their production cost by supplying high-quality photos they already have on file. Other clients prefer that we craft a creative blend of assets such as flawless video, engaging interviews, text, photos, graphs, music, and motion graphics. Your business may even have a well-produced radio commercial spot.  We can transform the audio into a compelling video message.

More than a Demo Reel

First of all, we want your video to be far more than a demo reel with an interesting mix of video clips cut to music. That’s why we ask so many questions about the purpose of your video. Most of all, we are eager to know what’s most relevant to your intended viewer. Just like our business name Ambit Vision, which means the influence of a subject matter, we want your video to have the power it needs for your particular audience. It should have a crystal clear vision, a scope, and a defined boundary. Particularly important is a well-planned call to action that meets your companies intent.

We know that you are passionate about your business. We too are passionate about ours. Here at Ambit Vision, our strength is in our ability to infuse best practices in video production with creative techniques that inform and engage the customers you serve.