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Why Installation Video for Manufacturing?

We find that businesses who provide clear installation video instructions for manufacturing products witness a tremendous boost in customer service ratings.

If given a choice between watching a video of a product installation or reading the installation manual, which option do you choose? Just looking at the undeniable success of YouTube tutorials and teaching sites like, it becomes apparent that visual imagery is the method most people prefer.

Installation Video SampleYouTube is the third most visited website in the world with 1,300,000,000 users. Many looking for tutorials on product use. If your company sells products worldwide, then you’ll be interested to know that 80% of YouTube’s views are from outside of the U.S. Female users are 38% and male users are 62%.

When a company launches a new product that requires installing, part of the product marketing should include at least two videos. The first is a marketing and sales video for the product. The second is an installation video that provides a step-by-step demonstration.

Installation Video Example

In this video sample; we produced a product installation video for Stoett Industries, Inc., the manufacturers of custom retractable screens for doors, patios, garage doors, and outdoor living spaces. The SportScreen is a retractable screen developed for use in RVs and Toy Haulers and available at many RV and trailer service centers.

The manufacturing company provides the installation video on its website to assist end users with clear visual instructions for installing the SportScreen, including the tools required.

By investing in video, the company provides timely answers to questions about the process of installing the SportScreen product, while leading clients to seek additional information about purchasing.

The installation video – SportScreen makes use of a professional voice talent, motion graphics, pre-production, one day of filming, and post-production edits.


Just remember that whatever product you offer that requires installation, customers will appreciate seeing a video of a proper install and tools needed. It’s equally important to demonstrate your product in action, put a face to your brand, and help people understand why they are choosing you.

Whether you need several short 30-second installation videos showcasing multiple products or a slightly longer video, we are fully capable and excited to offer production services for your next product installation video.