Product Marketing Video - SunVent

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Product Marketing Video – SunVent

We recently had the pleasure of working with Stoett Industries, Inc to produce a product marketing video that would introduce the unique features and functionality of their solar powered SunVent available for RVs and Toy Haulers. The company needed the video to market its product across numerous applications such as trade shows, by the sales team, in their email marketing, on their website, and YouTube channel.

By using a product marketing video, the manufacturer is able to provide timely answers to questions about the SunVent, while leading clients to seek additional information about product installation and purchase.

The Product Marketing Video – SunVent makes use of a professional voice talent, graphics, script writing service, music, pre-production, one day of filming production, and post-production edits. For information on creating a series of product marketing videos for your business, send us a quick email.