How to Stage a Business Video to Reflect Your Brand

It’s All About Professionalism: How to Stage a Business Video That Reflects Your Brand

How To Stage Video With PropsWhether you are creating a tutorial video for YouTube or a “how to” video for your website, it takes planning. Not only will you be creating a great script to teach people how to accomplish something important, but you’ll also want to create a set that engages visual learning and makes sense for the topic of your video.

Props: To stage a business video, list all tangible items related to your topic that could enhance the presentation and set design. You may not want them all, but for now, just list and gather choices. Consider a variety of ways that relevant items could be displayed. A bookshelf is often used to showcase books and items related to a topic along with pottery, plants or products associated with your industry. Is there a cabinet that makes sense or other props that identify a particular workspace such as an office, a clinic, a training center or a laboratory. In the photo left the presenter for STIHL USA is surrounded by their products which are easily displayed by shelving.

Video color designColor: To stage a business video, look at your color design. Decide if the colors used on set should represent your brand, a season or perhaps an industry. Will the colors be tranquil or casual, will they reflect business professional or vibrancy and creativity. Coordinate colors throughout the set and possibly blend a subtle amount of color in the apparel of your instructor. In this set, created by Dana at, the colors are energizing. Her orange top is warm and vibrant and evokes a feeling of fun and energy. We often associate orange with affordability making it an excellent choice for a video about sewing and crafting home decor.

Supplies: Create a list of the supplies to use in the demonstration, and make a note of how you want them logically organized for easy access by the instructor. Take time to photograph the layout of supplies for the close-up video shots using the photos as a reference for continuity. You will also want images of your instructor surrounded by interesting props and supplies to promote your video on social sites, in newsletters, and in emails.

How To Stage Video - CreativityCreativity: This video set staged by Dogs Love Running is simple yet attractive in earth tones. A splash of yellow inspires original thinking and creative ideas along with the trust and dependability of blue.

Your video set can take on many looks, but make sure it is staged to fit your brand, your message, and has a professional appearance that will engage your clients.