Facebook Cover Videos For Business

Facebook Cover Videos For Business

Facebook_Cover_Videos_For_BusinessNow that Facebook cover videos for business pages are a reality don’t let this prominent space go to waste. Replace your Facebook cover photo with a cover video. It will help your business stand out as people seek to engage further with your brand.

It’s a prime location to showcase your services in action. Furthermore, you can highlight any number of products or feature your staff or the personality of your business.

Remember that 64% of consumers say that watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision in the last month.

Video Specifics:

A Facebook Cover Video size is somewhat unique at 820 x 462 pixels. It’s the size we use on our Facebook page for Ambit Vision Video Productions. Keep mobile users in mind when selecting your clips. After all, 51% of all video plays are on mobile devices, so choose clips with centered action.

Mobile View Facebook Cover Video


The length of a Facebook cover video for a business page will need to be between 20-90 seconds. Audio is optional since Facebook videos autoplay on mute. We think adding sound is a smart feature for those who prefer to click and listen.

Selecting Facebook Cover Videos For Business

As you begin thinking about the best cover video to represent your business or your nonprofit, focus on what your customers need most. Will a testimonial video about your products provide greater reassurance to consumers? Perhaps a video featuring your company’s completed projects will solidify your credibility. A brand video to introduce your business is always a great place to start.

For nonprofits, consider a donor spotlight video. You might also feature a mission statement video or highlight success stories to generate greater involvement with your charitable cause.

Do You Need Help?

We offer that service at a nominal fee if you need production help to reformat an existing video for your Facebook cover. If you don’t have a video to reformat, we can create a slideshow video using the photos you have on file.

If you are searching for a full-service video production company to produce a marketing video for your business, we are happy to quote your project. Additionally, we can repurpose any footage we capture during the shoot and create a great Facebook cover video for your business.

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