Photo Montage Video

Photo Montage Video – A Simple Start with Video

A photo montage video is a cost-effective video style for any nonprofit with a message to communicate to clients, staff, or volunteers. We can also tailor a montage that speaks directly to donors or the community served by your charitable organization by including creative animated text.

If you have a collection of photos, we can transform them into a fun and engaging photo montage video to share on social media, email, or through your charitable organization’s website. A montage is also a style appropriate to share at an event or air on a local cable access channel.

Where To Start

To begin, identify the message you want to communicate. Keep your message focused on one important piece of information. Trying to include multiple messages in one video becomes confusing for the viewer.

Decide on your goal and specify the demographics of your audience. Are you promoting a new service or changing how you will deliver an existing service? Do you have new educational content that your organization needs to disseminate? Will you be promoting an annual fundraising event or encouraging online donations? Will you need to attract additional volunteers in the coming months? Photos of current volunteers engaged with your clients and providing services will appeal to those searching for a cause to support.

Case Sample

In the video sample above, we partnered with The City of Fort Wayne, Animal Care & Control department, to promote the bond between people and pets. The call to action at the end of the montage focuses attention on shelter pet adoptions.

Expanding A Montage

By looking into your collection of photos, you may find that you have all you need to support a photo montagePhoto Montage Video video. And remember, we can always add video footage later to the project to supplement and expand areas within the video you want to boost. Finally, we add a supportive music track along with appropriate motion graphics.

Whatever your cause, consider adding a photo montage video to your nonprofit community outreach program.


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