Typography Animation

Typography Animation

Typography animation videos generate excitement. Use them to tease the launch of a new product or to draw attention to your business mission. Furthermore, they are perfect when promoting events or announcing a new, innovative service. If you want engaging social media videos, give this style a try.

Animated-typographyWhat Is Typography Animation?

Typography animation videos combine moving text with fun visual imagery, graphics, and music to capture viewers’ attention. Together, the design provides the exact energized elements your business message wants to convey. Additionally, nonprofits benefit by using this style to draw attention to their cause and donation needs.

How To Start

Begin with a short, dynamic message and a direct call to action. Next, we will schedule a time to film your business to generate the clips supporting your message. In post-production, we combine fast-paced edits and energetic imagery cut to an upbeat music track. Additionally, we add impactful moving text and graphics.

What Does Your Business Want To Promote?

Do you want to call attention to a product line? Maybe you’re promoting an upcoming conference, trade show, or fundraising event. Consider generating additional buzz around a new product launch or nonprofit fund-raising need.

The uses for this fast-paced promotional video style are many. Another possibility is to incorporate a typography animation video into a presentation. Make your call to action energized. Draw attention to important facts and keep the viewers watching with entertaining animated text within the video.

Reach your audience using typography animation. A clear script, images, and video with moving text and music are a winning combination.

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