Business Video Content

What Type of Video do You Need?
Video Content To Enhance Businesses and Nonprofits

Video StylesUsing well-crafted video content increases internal communications. Additionally, videos improve staff training and keep those within your organization current and consistent. Best of all, videos save time by helping your workforce work safely and efficiently. Using video makes training available when and where it is needed, and it becomes an excellent tool for process training within any industry.

Use video to train volunteers within nonprofit groups. Furthermore, help customers feel more engaged with your business by providing a How To Learning Center on your website and email campaigns. If you are struggling to decide on a new video, look through our list of over 25 video content ideas that will enhance your business.



  1. Introduction of Services
  2. Website How-To Videos
  3. Website FAQ’s Section
  4. Trade Show Video
  5. Safety & Compliance Videos
  6. Video News Release
  7. Community Outreach
  8. Event Coverage
  9. Facilities Tour Video
  10. Internet Meetings
  11. Attract Corporate Support
  12. Annual Reports
  13. New-Hire Orientation
  14. Staff Training
  15. Staff Recruiting
  16. Nonprofit Donor Spotlight
  17. Nonprofit Volunteer Recruiting
  18. Nonprofit Planned Giving Video
  19. Nonprofit Volunteer Orientation
  20. Mission Statement Video
  21. Public Relations
  22. Capital Campaigns
  23. Customer Testimonial Videos
  24. Lobby Education Videos
  25. E-mailed Video Updates
  26. Video Montage for Events
  27. Demonstrations
  28. Showcase Milestones