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Stand Out from the Rest With a Mission Video

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It’s one thing to have a mission driving your charitable organization, but it’s another thing to get your purpose seen and supported. That’s why we encourage charitable groups to shine attention on their efforts with a Mission Video.

Every nonprofit has a unique mission at the core of every program, activity, and decision driving its future.

If you are an Executive Director or serving on a nonprofit board, you know the importance of communicating the mission. But what about the staff, volunteers, and donors of your charitable organization? Can they articulate the mission? And, are you making your mission statement visible to the community you serve? If not, we have a great solution—the Mission Video.

What Is A Mission Video?

The Mission Video is a 30-60 second promo that will get your nonprofit noticed. As someone who spent 30 years in nonprofit marketing, I was always aware of charitable organizations that were larger and better-funded. So it was imperative and up to me to get my nonprofit noticed.

With a Mission Video, you’ll allow prospects to not only hear the words of your mission but to see your purpose in action. That can be enlightening and powerful.

And by keeping your mission front and center, that visibility translates into dollars raised and services delivered.

So a Mission Video makes sense. And the real beauty is that you’ll share it time and again. Post it on Facebook, on your website, and show it at events. Share a link on Twitter and especially in your email campaigns. You may even be able to use it when applying for grants.

Mission VideoAnother truth is that nonprofits compete for donor dollars, in-kind gifts, and volunteers. Mission matters, so expand your current donors and reach new prospects with a video that showcases your mission.

With over 62 million people engaged in volunteering every year, you can be sure that people are searching for a cause they can be part of and support. Make sure they have an opportunity to see your purpose by including a Mission Video in your arsenal of outreach and education materials.

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