Video Production Cost – How to Stay on Budget and Schedule

Watch those Dollars: Video Production Cost – How to Stay on Budget and Schedule

video production costYou’ve signed a contract with a professional video production company. You’ve participated in the pre-production meetings, approved the script, and confirmed the date and time for the video shoot. Everything feels set to go, but is it ready?

Here are three aspects of video production that can affect cost.

1. Assets: What assets will you be providing to the creative director of your video project? If you have photos, graphics, or other necessary files that the production company needs, be sure to send them in advance of the shoot date. Waiting until after the shoot will increase the odds that you’ll get busy or forget. By sending all assets in advance, you’ll help to prevent production delays or a possible increase in your video production cost. Be sure to include all branding items such as your company logo at the proper dpi and a list of your brand hex colors or fonts.

2. Talent: Who are the individuals from your business that will assist at the shoot or participate in the video? Be sure to review with them the day before to verify that they know where to go. Additionally, review what they will bring or wear and the exact time they are expected to arrive. The goal is to respect timelines and avoid delays. If the shoot runs substantially past the agreed time, it can translate into an extra production cost.

3. Approvals: Once your marketing video has gone through initial edits, someone within your organization must review and approve the video. Make sure you stay within an agreed-upon time frame. When multiple people review the video, inform everyone of the deadline for final approval or revisions. You’ll submit a master list of changes using the time code to the production company. Adhering to an agreed-upon time frame will ensure that your project is on time for launching without further expense.

Staying organized with files and being mindful of everyone’s time will keep your project moving forward. Best of all, your new production will debut on time to reach your target audience.