What to Wear In a Business Video

Look Professional by Knowing What to Wear In a Business Video

What to Wear on Camera

Your video shoot is fast approaching, and you’re stressed about what to wear in a business video – so let’s get you dressed.

When it comes to what to wear in a business video, soft or neutral colors are the most flattering. Shades of blue look great; pastel shades and neutral tones are always calming and look attractive on camera. As an example, a soft coral can be flattering to your skin, whereas red and orange are harsh and tend to exaggerate any redness in your complexion under studio lights.

In fact, hot colors often create a bleeding effect and will be distracting on camera.

For your shirt, choose a light pastel or pale gray over a bright white fabric.

Black is another color that can be difficult under studio lights. Black can work for your pants or skirt, but in general, the result will look as overexposure as brighter colors.

You’ll also want to avoid any fabric with an intricate pattern, which can appear to be moving and will distract from your message.

Avoid heavy fabrics, mainly because sweaters and layers can cause you to overheat and sweat under the lights.

If you are wearing jewelry, it should be simple for several reasons. Jewelry that moves makes noise. Beaded necklaces rattle and can tap on the microphone. We recommend you remove your watch for continuity. Remember, the video shoot could span several hours.

Makeup is always a good idea, even if it’s a light, matte, powder foundation to reduce shine. Women should add a touch of mascara, neutral, matte lipstick, and a little blush. When it comes to your lipstick, stay away from shiny lip gloss or bright red shades. Add a touch of powder to keep your lipstick from bleeding.

In general, go for a well-groomed appearance and make sure your hairstyle is neat and easy to maintain without frequent touchups throughout the video shoot. Hair hanging down close to the face will cast shadows, so consider using hairspray or pinning it back to open up your face.

If you wear glasses, you may need to tip them up slightly off your ears. The slight downward angle of your lenses will reduce glare and any reflection caused by studio lights.

Lastly – choose a bateau neckline over a v-neck. If the neckline drapes, wear a solid-colored tank top underneath. And remember, the material needs to be sturdy enough to hold a microphone without sagging as you move throughout the video shoot.

So there you have it—our tips for what to wear in a business video. Give us a call to get started. Ambit Vision Video Productions 260-705-6560