What to Wear In a Business Video

Look Professional by Knowing What to Wear In a Business Video

What to Wear on Camera

Your video shoot is fast approaching, and you’re stressed about what to wear in a business video – so let’s get you dressed.

When it comes to what to wear in a business video, soft or neutral colors are the most flattering. Shades of blue look great; pastel shades and neutral tones are always calming and look attractive on camera. As an example, a soft coral can be flattering to your skin, whereas red and orange are harsh and tend to exaggerate any redness in your complexion under studio lights.

In fact, hot colors often create a bleeding effect and will be distracting on camera.

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Mission Video – Make Your Nonprofit Shine

Mission Statement Video

Stand Out from the Rest With a Mission Video

Non-profit cause - learning-disabilities

It’s one thing to have a mission driving your charitable organization, but it’s another thing to get your purpose seen and supported. That’s why we encourage charitable groups to shine attention on their efforts with a Mission Video.

Every nonprofit has a unique mission at the core of every program, activity, and decision driving its future.

If you are an Executive Director or serving on a nonprofit board, you know the importance of communicating the mission. But what about the staff, volunteers, and donors of your charitable organization? Can they articulate the mission? And, are you making your mission statement visible to the community you serve? If not, we have a great solution—the Mission Video.

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Video Production Cost – How to Stay on Budget and Schedule

Watch those Dollars: Video Production Cost – How to Stay on Budget and Schedule

video production costYou’ve signed a contract with a professional video production company. You’ve participated in the pre-production meetings, approved the script, and confirmed the date and time for the video shoot. Everything feels set to go, but is it ready?

Here are three aspects of video production that can affect cost.

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How to Stage a Business Video to Reflect Your Brand

It’s All About Professionalism: How to Stage a Business Video To Reflect Your Brand

How To Stage Video With PropsWhether you are creating a training video for staff, a tutorial for YouTube, or a “how-to” video for your website, it takes planning. Not only will you be creating a great script to teach people how to accomplish something important, but you’ll also want to create a set that engages visual learning and makes sense for the topic of your video.

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Business Video Content

What Type of Video do You Need?
Video Content To Enhance Businesses and Nonprofits

Video StylesUsing well-crafted video content increases internal communications. Additionally, videos improve staff training and keep those within your organization current and consistent. Best of all, videos save time by helping your workforce work safely and efficiently. Using video makes training available when and where it is needed, and it becomes an excellent tool for process training within any industry.

Use video to train volunteers within nonprofit groups. Furthermore, help customers feel more engaged with your business by providing a How To Learning Center on your website and email campaigns. If you are struggling to decide on a new video, look through our list of over 25 video content ideas that will enhance your business.



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4 Kick-start Business Video Ideas

4 Kick-start Business Video Ideas to Help Your Clients and Grow Your Brand

Are you struggling to develop solid business video ideas? Adding content-rich marketing video to your website is an excellent choice for helping clients and engaging customers, but formulating a concept and narrowing the content might have you stalled. There are numerous video styles, but let’s focus on just a few business video ideas.

Don’t let another week go by with good intentions; grab a pencil and use the following tips to kick-start your thoughts.

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