Testimonial Videos - Three Styles To Consider

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Testimonial Videos – Three Styles To Consider

If your website doesn’t include testimonial videos, let today be the day you make it your goal. Taking the time to ask loyal customers to provide an on-camera review of their experience will not only enhance your marketing, but it will also boost your customer service delivery.

Think back. Who are your most loyal customers, and who has taken a moment to write a post praising your service? Is there someone who has pulled you aside to complement your staff or tell you how much they appreciate the work of your organization? These are precisely the people to approach for your company’s on-camera testimonial videos. In the video above, we hear a few comments from Larry Weigand of Weigand Construction praising the benefits of membership in the Building Contractors Association.

Three Styles of Testimonial Videos To Consider

Testimonial Videos - Styles to Consider for BusinessLet’s take a look at three styles your business can consider using. Think of these as a good, better, best scenario. First, let’s look at a good option. Depending on the number of online reviews your business might have, we can create one or more testimonial videos of those posted reviews. We capture an image of each person’s social media comment. We add animation, an upbeat soundtrack, plus a logo if the positive feedback comes from a business. Three to five written reviews per video will be a good start for your website and very economical.

A second and better choice would be to set a date and time for multiple clients to come to your business where we will film their testimonials. Depending on the number of people we are interviewing, a four-hour timeframe usually works well — plan 20-minutes for each person. Next, we edit the videos by adding a title bar for each speaker, plus images of your business and your logo. You may already have great photos of your staff in action that we can incorporate for this mid-range style.

The third and best result would be to film your clients at your business location as in the second scenario, but we would also shoot footage of your business in action. We capture creative shots of your products, your busy staff, as well as customer service interactions. These are just the tip of possibilities for showcasing your company doing what it does best.

How To Effectively Use Testimonial Videos

Each of these testimonial videos can stand alone and be released one at a time over months on your social media. You’ll also want to embed them on the homepage and contact page of your business website. For an additional cost, we can edit comments from each testimonial together into one longer video to show at a company awards dinner or nonprofit fundraising event.

These video testimonials are far more effective than any claim you make and know to be factual about your products and capabilities. After all, we most like to hear from satisfied customers. So, make sure your potential clients have the same opportunity.

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