Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos refer to a style also called Scribe Video. These videos artistically combine hand-drawn static scenes, text, narration, and music. It’s a perfect style for explainer videos and training videos. The background screen, while often white, can be other colors. For example, we offer a blackboard, glassboard, or custom color suited to your brand. Additionally, we can reduce or remove the hand and simply fade the images and text onto the screen.

What Makes Them So Popular?

Whiteboard animation videos are engaging and memorable. Furthermore, they enhance learning factual information by as much as 15%. Each drawn scene seems to develop magically before the viewer’s eyes. We watch recipes come together, gardens emerge, or a house renovated. Viewers without the intention of planting, cooking, or building hang on to see the results unfold. After all, people enjoy watching the assembly of almost anything. even if it’s just for the entertainment factor.

These distinctive videos capitalize on visual learning. They associate ideas, words, and concepts with drawn images. Combined, they present stories through easy-to-absorb scenes. They are popular with any business seeking an impressive yet affordable video form.

How Can You Use Whiteboards?

Whiteboard animation videos are varied and valuable for many applications. For example, use them in employee and volunteer training or presentations. They are perfect as social media posts or for your website to welcome visitors or promote a service or product. Additionally, announce an upcoming event or make a whiteboard video into an invitation. Moreover, they can be an excellent alternative to a company spokesperson talking directly to a camera to explain complex concepts.

Are You Ready For A Whiteboard Animation Video?

We have you covered if you have a business concept waiting to emerge as a whiteboard animation video. You may prefer a video with music only or music with narration. For narration, begin with a solid script or at least an outline. A solid script is essential as we plan each scene, develop the artistic creatives, and time the narration. Your audience will appreciate brevity, so make each sentence as short and exact as possible.

We’d love to help you with your whiteboard animation video. Once we know your script length and the complexities, we can provide a production quote. Give us a call to discuss your project.




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