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Brand Awareness Videos

You’ll benefit by adding a series of brand awareness videos to your marketing to grow greater recognition for your company. Think of them as visual, engaging introductions. In each video, you are saying, “Hello. Let’s get better acquainted.”

The Aim

Collectively, brand awareness videos get you noticed. They help register your name with potential customers and motivate them to further engage with you. Each video should show how your services or products are the solutions to a problem they want to resolve.

Planning Your Brand Awareness Videos

Brand awareness videos can offer helpful information. For example, you might create a series of videos that give answers to everyday frustrations. These can be problems people experience in daily life or within your specific industry. You show you empathize when your brand offers advice in how-to videos. Providing educational content shows you are helpful. You understand frustrations and have solutions. As you solve people’s problems, you grow and strengthen connections.

Need more ideas? 

  1. Highlight your company’s features, as we did in the video above. Brindle Products asked for a powerful visual overview of their manufacturing capabilities, location, and contact information. What features could you show to your potential customers?
  2. Use brand awareness videos showing satisfied customers buying and using your latest innovative products. 
  3. Show the culture and values of your brand in a video tour. 
  4. Feature happy customers whose lives improved with your professional, timely service. 
  5. Emphasize the work of your charitable organization through the stories of your clients. 
  6. Use donor testimonials to show your nonprofit’s impact and its ongoing need for volunteers and resources. 

In conclusion, as potential consumers view your brand awareness videos, they become better acquainted with your values, products, and services. When they understand your brand, they’ll feel connected with you. You’ll expand your customer base, ultimately leading to sales or nonprofit donations. Now that makes brand awareness videos worth celebrating.

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