Photo Slideshow Videos

At Ambit Vision, we love creating stunning photo slideshow videos for all of life’s special occasions. Enhance any celebration or event and delight your guests with a montage of memorable moments from your photos, video clips, and choice of music.

Perfect For Business Events

  • Does your business have an event scheduled? Consider ordering a photo montage to entertain everyone in attendance. Use it as an opportunity to feature the positive atmosphere of your workplace. Feature staff hard at work while mixing in photos of lighter moments. Be sure to include images of recognitions received, projects completed, and business milestones.
  • Likewise, nonprofit organizations benefit from using photo slideshow videos at fundraising events. Select photos showcasing your organization’s achievements, volunteers, and successes over the past year. It’s an affordable way to bring your nonprofit mission front and center to donors.
  • Is there someone at work who’s about to retire? Order a slideshow that coworkers and family will enjoy at an open house. The photos can highlight the many achievements of the lucky retiree and show how much they’ve added to the work environment and business success. It’s a beautiful way to thank them for their achievements.

Personal Celebration Photo Slideshow Videos

  • Is there a birthday approaching for someone special? If so, a chronological slideshow is a fun way to see a progression of achievements through the years. Or, you might concentrate the photo slideshow on a specific timeframe – such as a child’s preschool years.
  • Likewise, add extra fun to a graduation party with a slideshow highlighting great times with college friends, clubs, and events. You can also focus a photo slideshow video entirely on someone’s sports or music achievements.
  • And remember, a slideshow is perfect for a wedding reception or anniversary party. Bring all the beautiful memories of first dates, friendships, and seasonal fun to life. For an anniversary, include photos of your wedding, home, holidays, and family members coming together.

Whatever special occasion is approaching, we would love to work with you to create a keepsake slideshow that generations will appreciate.


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