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Training videos are paramount for keeping employees up to date with industry standards. As a result, many businesses have turned to professional training videos as they trim training budgets to cut travel, conference fees, and specific field exercises. Industries across the board benefit from using videos to save time, cut costs, and distribute easily. Video offers the solution for improving skill sets that employees need to understand and demonstrate.

Nonprofits are no different when it comes to training needs. Consistency is important. Safety is essential. Everyone’s schedule is busy. Staff and volunteers must receive training and be able to refresh skills as needed. That’s where well-planned training videos offer solutions.


In this video sample, we produced an important skills training video for ESCSI. Industry specifications guided the script for those working in the concrete industry. The video is a step-by-step visual demonstration of an industrial process. ESCSI assists those needing to learn and pass testing by providing the video. It’s an improvement over learning from the technical manual. By providing a no-frills training video demonstration, performance improves. Best of all, workers are less intimidated by the test because they have access to review the video whenever required and from any location.

The ASTM C170 training video makes use of a non-professional presenter, a test demonstrator, music, customized graphics, pre-production, one-half day of production filming, and post-production edits.


Training VideoRemember, learning improves when an employee can view a demonstration of the required process. And, if skills start to slip, the training video is there to refresh knowledge.

We are happy to produce an industry training video or video series for your business, HR department, or charitable group. The costs for a training video often depend on the number of videos needed and what you’ll want to include. Keep in mind; there is a cost-saving by filming content for multiple videos upfront. Then develop the videos in the months to follow to spread costs over time.

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