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Nonprofit Resource Development Video

Increase awareness of your organization’s needs with a professional nonprofit resource development video. There’s no better way to boost your fundraising than showing the importance of your mission. A call for much-needed resources in the video will move your purpose forward.

In this video we produced for The Mustard Seed Furniture Bank of Fort Wayne, we took viewers on a journey. We show families together in their kitchens and around tables. Therefore, it makes the plea for donations of cookware and tableware impactful. Importantly, it specifies how to contribute to their cause.

Regardless of your specific fundraising need, a nonprofit resource development video delivers results. It motivates viewers to action when they see and understand the services you provide. With support from your community, your nonprofit closes the gaps suffered by those in need.

Where To Start

  • We recommend you start by creating a list of your charitable programs and services. Do this as a team with program managers and your board.
  • Next, add the needs of each program or service. Don’t hold back. Add anything that will help each to function at it’s highest level. Although it’s often a financial gift, include tangible items that people can provide.
  • Be creative. Remember to include skilled volunteer support.
  • Now prioritize the programs and services. While each is significant to your cause, look at those with high critical needs. This order will frequently change by year or by season.
  • Select the top activity in need of a nonprofit resource development video. Brainstorm how to make it happen. Do you have a public education fund? Is there a grant that allows marketing the program?
  • Finally, select a video production service such as Ambit Vision Video productions, with experience in nonprofit fundraising and marketing. They are in a position to give you the best advice and the support you need.

In conclusion, remember every nonprofit competes for visibility. Use video to stand out and draw people to your worthy cause.


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