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Fundraising Videos for Nonprofits

Fundraising videos for nonprofits should be at the core of every progressive organization’s cause. As you work to attract support, it’s critical to show prospects the heart of your work.

A nonprofit spreads its mission far beyond the spoken or the written word when they invest in fundraising videos. In this video we created for The Mustard Seed Furniture Bank, they share their heartfelt mission and the reach of people they serve. In return, donors continue to be inspired to donate and make a difference. With videos, you’ll broadcast an emotional plea for donor dollars in every direction.

Fundraising-Videos-for-NonprofitsNonprofit Video Scenario

Perhaps your goal is to premiere a new video at a gala event. Supporters are motivated by fundraising videos for nonprofits because they tell the story of an organization’s achievements and goals. Show your audience the clients you serve and the professional staff that are making a difference. Let them see the impact your organization has made on the lives of the less fortunate.

In just one video, you can generate substantial momentum in fundraising. The check each person writes seals their commitment to your cause for change but doesn’t stop the momentum. Share your fundraising video on social media and ask us to embed a link in the video to your website donation page.

Five Steps For Sharing Your Nonprofit Fundraising Videos.

  1. Add the video to your website with noteworthy highlights of the event’s success.
  2. Include a button on that webpage that clicks through to your donations page. After all, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to ask for contributions from those who could not attend.
  3. Next, share the video on all your social media networks. If the video is not a direct ask for money, you can also share the video on local cable network channels.
  4. Ask board members and staff to like and share the video.
  5. Finally, add a link to your email signature that leads people to the web page of your fundraising video.

In conclusion, repeat this five-step formula for every new video in which you invest. Share your videos everywhere and watch your donations soar.

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