Presentation Videos

Presentation Videos

Presentation videos are an excellent format to provide information to an audience unable to attend. As much as everyone will miss seeing you in person, sending a video is a practical solution. Use the video inside a Powerpoint presentation, or Zoom meeting, or send your presentation video using a link in an email or company newsletter.

Where To Start

If you’re unaccustomed to appearing on camera, which is different than a live presentation, it may feel entirely out of your comfort zone. That’s why you’ll benefit from choosing a video service to produce all of your presentation videos.

At Ambit Vision, we’ve spent thousands of hours in front of and behind the camera. That makes us well-prepared to help hesitant presenters look and sound like seasoned experts. And we can do that for you too. It’s one of our favorite aspects of video production. After all, even celebrities need multiple takes, so you will too. Once we edit your footage, you’ll be amazed.

Script is Key

Intonation in presentation videos

“Like reading to a child, the melody in your voice makes the story meaningful.”

Spend time with your text. Read it aloud and learn it well. To look and sound personable, smile, and practice speaking with intonation. As a result, your presentation will express meaning to what you want to convey beyond just saying the words.

Think about how you would read a story to a young child. It’s the melody in your voice that helps to make the story meaningful.

Try practicing with a free online teleprompter such as the one provided free from

Paste your full script or just your talking points into the small box they provide. Click the start teleprompter button, and a large screen pops up with enlarged text that scrolls.


Numerous opportunities warrant presentation videos. Here are just a few:

  • At a new hire orientation or volunteer training, add a welcome from your CEO, Government Official, or Director.
  • Can’t attend? Then send a “sorry I can’t be with you” video.
  • Need video lectures for staff training? (Plus, it never hurts to watch your own presentations to evaluate and tweak your skills.)
  • To invite supporters to an upcoming event, send a video invitation by email or e-newsletter.
  • To thank employees, to thank donors, to thank volunteers, and more, send a social media video presentation.

If there’s a presentation video in your future, don’t waste hours trying to do it yourself. We are happy to help.


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