Public Service Announcement Video

Public Service Announcement Video

A public service announcement video is the ideal method for distributing important messages. When your business or nonprofit has something to say, use video to show your content. It’s a great way to engage customers and the community.

If your message benefits the people of your community, then chances are it will be helpful for communities everywhere. We all know that video content is far-reaching. By investing in a PSA video, you can reach people globally. You’ll gain supporters and expand your mission.

In this PSA video, we used a combination of video, photos, and animated typography edited to music. We produced the PSA video for our local Animal Care & Control’s education department. The target audience is dog owners; the PSA is a critical safety reminder that offers Five Tips for Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs.

If you’d like a free quote for producing a public service announcement video, then let’s arrange a time to discuss your message, budget, and timeframe for completion.


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