Is Your Business Ready For A Professional Video Service?

If your company is searching for a professional video service, these straightforward tips will help you make an excellent choice. We know that businesses just getting up to speed with video will be excited by their decision. It’s also possible to feel overwhelmed. Let’s look at a few aspects of video production that you’ll need to consider to move your project forward.

Fort_Wayne_Video_ServiceConsider Expertise

Your business might have someone on staff who has a reasonably good camera and a tripod. As a hobbyist, they offer to shoot and edit your company video. Your first inclination might be to embrace the cheap. The dilemma you’ll face is similar to asking a friend to draw a logo for your business. If it turns our amateurish, as it often does, you won’t want it representing your brand. Now you’ll need to tell them it isn’t up to par; you’ll have wasted time, and possibly damaged a relationship.

Your video deserves the expertise of a professional video service that understands lighting, composition, sound, and the many nuances classified as best practices. A full-service turnkey production company arrives with high-end equipment. They’ll have a well-trained crew, plus an on-time production track record. They’ll listen to your goals for the video and learn about the audience you’re targeting. They’ll also ask what you’ll want your viewers to do after they’ve watched your video. After all, you’ll want your video to provide direction to the viewer based on your business goals for the video.

The Cost of Professional Video Service

Crafting a video is a customized process; therefore the cost will vary. The features and length of your project will influence the overall budget. For an analogy, liken it to the features you’d choose for your next mode of transportation. How about a reliable economy car with an excellent sound system, air-conditioning, and a dependable heater to get you on your way? The same can be valid for a lower-range video budget. We can craft your video to be a sturdy workhorse. It will provide information, look great with images, have a call to action with a few amenities such as titling and music. It’s a starting place that we can always update down the road.

Perhaps you need a video more in line with a roomy SUV for your family. Here we can include extra features that look great and perform well. Shall we add a sunroof, a backup camera, and third-row seating? Well, let’s do the same for your video project. In this mid-range option, we can select animated graphics, footage, images, charts, and music. It’s looking great, and it tells viewers what you want them to do. It’s our most requested video range. Here again, the price is affected by the features your budget can support as well as the length which we’ll discuss later in this article.

Sometimes we need the luxury sports car that comes at the highest cost. All the bells and whistles of performance and accessories are present. For video, it might include the excellence of scriptwriting, drone footage, custom animations, and actors. You’ll see a much larger production crew who will film substantially more video to complement the production.

Length Of Your Final Video

So now that you understand the features of a professional video service let’s look at how video length influences the budget.

If we can film all the footage in half a day and keep the shoot to one building area, the cost is more affordable. A two-day shoot that requires filming in multiple locations will be more. Setting up equipment is always part of the half or full-day rate. After all, it takes time to make everything look great in each space.

Another factor is the actual video length. Keep in mind that a lengthy video does not equate to a better video. When was the last time you watched a video to its end that was longer than two or three minutes? Unless the video is longer because it’s instructional, aim for less being more to your audience. Keep in mind that the more footage we capture, the more editing it will take, also affecting the video’s cost.

For example, a manufacturing company may require a more extended shoot to film a tour of their factory or to capture the features of one or more products and installations. Your project, on the other hand, might not have the same complexities to produce. In essence, each video project is unique. We listen to your needs. We make recommendations for your budget. We then prepare a proposed quote for a professional video service.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you’ll need to set a not-to-exceed budget. It’s essential so that we can determine how to fit what you need within what you have. It may mean you won’t get all the bells and whistles just yet, but you’ll always get a professional video.

If you’re not sure what video content you’d like to start with, read the categories below. Then check out 4 Kick-start Business Video Ideas to Get You Started.  When you’re ready with questions about our production services, give us a call, and let’s begin working on your project together.

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Business Videos For Training and Development

Business Videos For Training and Development

As training budgets are trimmed to cut travel, conference fees, and field exercises, businesses turn to professional video production services to reduce training costs while improving results. If you want to increase employee comprehension with dependable process training, available to staff day and night, we can produce training videos and HR learning centers for your business.

Business Videos for Company Websites and Trade Shows

Business Videos for Company Websites and Trade Shows

The power of video is in its connection, either business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Because over half of all internet traffic is online video, our productions provide consumers with quick and easy access to the information they need about your company. Keep in mind that 52% of consumers say that watching a video makes them more confident in online purchases.

Nonprofit Videos for Resource Development

Nonprofit Videos for Resource Development

Nonprofits need quality videos to heighten visibility and name recognition. Standing out translates into more energized supporters and increased donations raised to reach your organization’s mission. We create nonprofit videos for all aspects of charitable work including videos for volunteer training and to help inform and educate those you serve.

Additional Services

Additional Services

In addition to business video production services, we also provide motion graphics, video editing, voice talents, and freelance camera crews. Call or Email us for details at

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