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Promotional Videos – A Real Benefit for Nonprofits

Promotional videos play a significant role in nonprofit marketing. Forward-thinking organizations keep people informed using a combination of public service announcement videos and promotional videos. By using video content, charitable groups achieve their mission.

Promotional videos, when employed by nonprofits can call attention to classes, programs, and upcoming events. We also produce videos that clarify essential information for the public, such as the laws of the community and state. Although cities and towns do not have the 501(c)3 status of a not-for-profit business, they are tax-deductible institutions. Like nonprofits, they often highlight governmental services or a process for receiving assistance.

In this promotional video, we partnered with the City of Fort Wayne to promote legal requirements for registering cats and dogs that live in the city. The promotion expresses the safety benefits of being able to return lost pets to rightful owners. It also emphasizes the legal penalties that could be imposed by the City’s Animal Care & Control department.

If your community hasn’t heard from your group through video promotions, your organization is missing a significant opportunity.

What Do People Find On Your Website?

Promotional VideoWhen people visit your website, they should be able to understand how to use your services. Written instructions are often difficult to follow for many individuals. That is why we craft videos with clear, concise information that’s easy to follow. You can include eligibility requirements and offer instructions on the types of documents customers will need before they arrive at your door. In promotional videos, you can show pertinent information such as schedules, locations, parking, and more.

A promotional video can highlight an event with the date, time, and place for registration or activities. It can also include a call for donations or volunteer support.


Videos are essential for reaching the communities that benefit from your nonprofit. Create a list of the many services you offer. Now, go back and document the questions your clients frequently ask most about each service. Decide which items are of the highest priority. Wouldn’t a well-crafted video on each topic be a tremendous boost to those you serve? Just keep in mind this quote by Earl Nightingale, “Don’t let the fear of the time it will take, stand in the way of your doing it.”


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