Product Installation Videos

Product Installation Video

Are your customers ready for Product Installation Videos? Are they tired of trying to understand an instruction manual? Is your sales team feeling overwhelmed answering the same questions from annoyed buyers? As a business owner, do you worry sales will drop and bad reviews will climb? We understand, so let’s solve the problem by producing videos detailing the installation process of your products.

The Problem

Product Installation VideoA key challenge for buyers of your products is that they’ve never installed or used them. Out of the gate, it will take them longer to install correctly. The likelihood of missing a step from reading a manual or reversing a process is high. When frustrated, the client calls to vent. Your staff uses valuable time problem solving to provide helpful customer service. Even when resolved, the client feels they spent too much time tracking down an answer your business should provide.

The Solution To Product Installation

Learning a new process using a video tutorial is effective because it’s visual. Additionally, a well-organized video is efficient. The installer can precisely see what parts go where and in the correct order. Subsequently, customers find product installation videos to be an improved tutorial resource. Furthermore, a video gives them control as they can pause the play button during their installation experience.

Our Process

In the video sample above, we teamed up with three companies. Samson Exhaust, Evers Custom Cycles, and Bodigan’s HD Motorcycle partnered with us on the project. The goal was to give customers clear video instructions for installing True Duels With Cholo Fishtail Slip-ons for Softail. Before producing the video, clients had frequent problems with one or more steps in the installation process. The video has reduced FAQ calls and is keeping customers satisfied. We can do the same for your business products that require installation. Additionally, we produce videos for employee training and development.

In Conclusion

Enjoy knowing your business has a professional edge with videos that visually teach a step-by-step installation process. Support your sales team as they impress customers with clear and helpful Product Installation Videos.


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