4 Kick-start Business Video Ideas

4 Kick-start Business Video Ideas to Help Your Clients and Grow Your Brand

Are you struggling to develop solid business video ideas? Adding content-rich marketing video to your website is an excellent choice for helping clients and engaging customers, but formulating a concept and narrowing the content might have you stalled. There are numerous video styles, but let’s focus on just a few business video ideas.

Don’t let another week go by with good intentions; grab a pencil and use the following tips to kick-start your thoughts.

  1. Best Features: What is your business doing better than your competitors? 

Can you boast of exceptional customer satisfaction or a high customer return rate? Is there a tangible way in which your company and staff outshine others? It might be a process, a level of professional training, or a value that exceeds the norm for your industry. Potential clients want confidence that your business will handle their needs, highlighting your best features and expertise.
  2. Customer Focused:

 Your company may be young, edgy, or family-owned and operated, but why should that matter to your customers? Keep video content focused on what’s most important to those you intend to serve. Your video should show that you can provide it easier, quicker, more efficiently, and reliably, or at a price point that others don’t. Look for common threads most clients ask for or need help understanding before purchase.
  3. Community Giving:

 Does your business support community causes or a particular non-profit? Do you encourage staff to volunteer for local charities? A video that features your employees having fun while engaged in making the community stronger speaks to those who share your commitment. A video about giving back to the community can be a subtle way to spotlight your company’s real character on your website’s “About Us” page.
  4. Industry Leader: 

Is there a service or product that is the latest in your industry? Is your company ahead and offering the newest trend in your industry? If it provides tremendous benefit to your customers, it’s worth featuring in a video, but remember that it needs to matter to your clients, or it won’t have relevance. When you work with Ambit Vision Video Productions, we’ll help develop your thoughts into a script and visuals with a look, feel, and pace that’s right for your business. Now that you have a few business video ideas to help you generate an outline, you’re ready to start.

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